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4 tips for hair growth


People’s hair grows between 6 mm and 1.3 cm in a month. Although genetic factors play a role in the difference in hair growth rate, these differences are less than they seem. There is also no scientifically proven formula for accelerating or stimulating hair growth beyond its normal size. So videos that claim you can lift your hair 10-7 cm in a matter of weeks are misleading.

Fast hair growth tips

All the solutions that we introduce to you in the following are based on the following principles:

  • Treat your hair physically;
  • Provide the nutrients your body needs for healthy hair growth;
  • To take care of hair and maintain their health care.

1. Scalp massage

Massage can increase blood flow to your scalp and strengthen the activity of hair follicles. When more follicles are active, you will have more hair, so your hair will look longer. There are two ways to massage the scalp:

Massage with extract oils

Prepare one or two types of extract oils: peppermint, tea tree oil, lemon oil. Heat the oil a little. Massage the scalp for 20 minutes in a circular motion. Leave your hair and scalp for 30 minutes. Finally, wash your head.

Inversion method

Bend or hang your head from the bed so that the hair is upside down. In this case, your head is lower than your heart and more blood reaches the hair follicles. In the same position, massage the front of the head, back and both sides of your scalp with circular movements for 5 minutes. This helps blood flow to the scalp and faster hair growth.

2. Trim your hair periodically

At first glance, haircuts seem to be against our goal of rapid hair growth, however, shortening the hair will make it shorter. But this is necessary for the healthy growth of your hair.

The question here is how long the ends of the hair should be cut. The answer to this question really lies in the appearance of the ends of the multi-stranded hair. When the ends of the hair are a little messy, you can shorten them a little (about 6 mm). And when the ends of the hair are thin, untidy or frizzy, shorten them further to make them smooth and even.

Regardless of the specific condition of each person’s hair, it can be generally recommended that you cut the last 3 mm of hair every 10 to 12 weeks.

3. Use the shampoo properly

Many of us use shampoo to wash our hair and think that washing the dirt from the hair is good for its health. But you may not know that shampoo, in addition to contaminants, can remove the natural fat of the hair, which is necessary for its softness and strength, and make the hair dry and weak. It is best to reduce your use of shampoo to a maximum of twice a week and instead use conditioner (shampoos that help strengthen hair growth and softness) to wash your hair .

4. Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of each bath

This really helps in fast hair growth, keeping hair healthy and shiny. Cold water polishes the surface layer of the hair shaft, preventing moisture loss and damage to the hair. It is enough to put the hair in contact with cold water for a few seconds, although it seems a small task, this extra step in the bath in the long run can make a big difference.

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