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What is the right hair color for my skin color?


Have you ever dyed your hair and you are not satisfied with the result? Maybe the reason is that the hair color you choose is not suitable for your skin color, read this post and find out exactly which hair color is right for your skin color.

Hair color suitable for skin color

Before you test your skin type, make sure you use natural light, as artificial light can change the appearance of your skin due to the slight color change caused by different types of lamps. This guide is a great option for defining your skin correctly. For a quick check, we recommend raising your palm and taking a look at the streaks on your hands and wrists. If your veins are blue or purple, then you have cold skin. If you have green veins, you have warm skin.

If you really can’t tell if the veins in your hand are blue or green, you probably have neutral skin. Congratulations if you have neutral skin because any of the colors we describe below should be perfect for you.

If your skin color is warm, you should choose golden shades like caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin color.

You should not choose dark and black colors because it completely obscures your face, and if you choose gold degrees, be careful not to be too light.

If your skin color is cold, avoid colors that make your skin look more red, such as gold, red gold, and copper. Light gray and brown blonde is the best choice for your warm skin.

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