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Makeup tricks for hot weather


In a hot weather our makeup could melt down easily so lets learn some tricks that might help us.

1.Use Moisturizer

First of all use moisturizer to cover your face but remember your moisturizer should be oil free.

2.Light Makeup

Keep your makeup light just lighten your regular makeup routine.Use face powder and concealer instead of foundation.

3.Less Blush

Hot weather causes blood to flow to your cheeks and this gives your cheeksĀ a natural color so you don’t need to use a lot of blush and liquid blush is better for these days.

4.Matte Makeup

Mate makeup is better for those who have oily skin and it actually last longer.

5.Waterproof Mascara

Always use waterproof mascara in hot weather remember mascara is prone to smearing from sweat.

6.Lip liner

In hot weather your lipstick may spread so it’s better to use a lip liner suitable with your lipstick color.

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